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Featured products

City: 4x4 with Powerboat - 60085

Head for the coast aboard the awesome 4x4 with Powerboat!
€31.95 incl tax

City: Racing Bike Transporter - 60084

Get to the circuit on time with the awesome Racing Bike Transporter!
€22.95 incl tax

Lego Cake Mold - Big Minifigure

It is time to start baking!
€7.95 incl tax

Lego Mold Super Pack

Get your LEGO mold super pack!
€19.95 incl tax

LEGO Silicone Chcolate and Ice Mold - Minifigures

Get the minifigures into the kitchen!
€6.95 incl tax

LEGO Silicone Ice and Chocolate Mold - Bricks

Get the bricks into the kitchen!
From €4.95 incl tax

Lord of the Rings: Pirate Ship Ambush - 79008

Launch an ambush attack on the Sauron Army from the Pirate Ship! This set was released in 2013.
€147.95 incl tax

Star Wars: Advent Calendar 2012 - 9509

Feel the Force the holiday season with the LEGO® Star Wars™ Advent Calendar!
€44.95 incl tax

Star Wars: Advent Calendar 2013 - 75023

Count down to Christmas in a galaxy far, far away!
€49.95 incl tax