About us


We are Brick Hunters, a small company of two situated in Bornem, Belgium.

Our goal? Realising your dreams. Got your eye on something fancy? Need a few parts but don't know how or where to find them?

No worries! We can help you. Next to offering you some of the most exclusive sets in pristine and sealed condition on today's market, we also assemble sets that were thought to be forgotten by many fans. Bringing back those old memories from long ago is our motivation.

As two LEGO lovers, we search for sets all across the globe to complete them and make souls, like you perhaps, happy.

Do check out our offers. Feel free to ask us any questions. 

And most of all: help lego find a home.


Contact Details

Kalashnikov Eugeny

VAT BE0505 673 569

Molenveldweg 32 A4

2880 Bornem



M: 0479/65.45.17