Legends of Chima

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Chima: Bladvic’s Rumble Bear - 70225

Convert Bladvic’s Rumble Bear vehicle into a fearsome mech fighter!
€39.95 incl tax

Chima: King Crominus’ Rescue - 70227

Drop the Fire Tracker from the Helicroctor and save King Crominus!
€89.95 incl tax

Chima: Mammoth’s Frozen Stronghold - 70226

Save Rinona from the Mammoth’s awesome fortress!
€64.95 incl tax €59.95 incl tax

Legends of Chima: Gorzan's Walker - 30262

Help the gorilla tribe leader protect the chi with gorzan's walker with moveable legs, 2 detachable hand weapons and gorzan minifigure. Polybag dates from 2104 and contains 34 pieces.
€5.95 incl tax