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Friends: Heartlake Food Market - 41108

Sell and deliver fresh and healthy food to everyone in Heartlake City!
€52.95 incl tax

Friends: Pop Star Tour Bus - 41106

Experience the pop star lifestyle on Livi’s Tour Bus!
€58.95 incl tax

Friends: Adventure Camp Archery - 41120 

Hit the target to help Mia win the archery trophy!
€10.95 incl tax

Friends: Brown Bear's River  - 41046

Help the bear cub to catch a tasty fish for his dinner!
€5.50 incl tax

Friends: Emma's Tourist Kiosk - 41098

Sell vacation essentials to the tourists in Heartlake City!
€9.95 incl tax €8.95 incl tax

Friends: Lego Foal's Washing Station - 41123

Pamper Emma’s cute pet foal at the Foal’s Washing Station!
€9.95 incl tax

Friends: Macaw's Fountain - 41044

Perch, play, bathe and drink at Macaw’s Fountain!
€5.45 incl tax