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LEGO group games! Get together with your friends, open up the box and have a great time!

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Games: Mini Taurus - 3864

Race your way through the labyrinth!
€27.95 incl tax

Games: Pirate Code - 3840

Pirate Code from LEGO Games: A new way to play!
€31.95 incl tax

Games: Pirate Plank - 3848

Last pirate standing wins!
€23.95 incl tax

Games: Sunblock - 3852

Battle for the best spot on the beach!
€14.95 incl tax

Pirates: Pirates Chess Set - 40158

Shiver me timbers! It’s a pirate-themed LEGO® Pirates Chess Set! This set dates from 2015.
€92.95 incl tax

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