Lego Mold Super Pack

Get your LEGO mold super pack!
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Manufacturer: Brick Hunters
€19.95 incl tax

Get a LEGO-themed mold set, consisting of one large cake mold and 4 smaller ice & chocolate molds at a super advantageous price!

  • Use the cake mold for cake, pie, pudding or anything really!
  • The smaller molds can be used for ice, chalk, chocolate, candy, you name it!
  • Colors will be distributed at random.
  • Heat, frost, dishwasher and microwave resistant.
  • Consists of high-grade silicone material and is safe to use in the kitchen.
  • The big cake mold is 29 centimeters long, 19 centimeters wide and 4,5 centimeters high.
  • The small minifigure mold is 16,5 centimeters long, 11,4 centimeters wide and 1 cm high.
  • The rectangular 2x4 brick mold is 19cm long, 12cm wide and 2cm high.
  • The square bricks mold is 12 by 12 cm and 2cm high.
  • The rectangular bricks mold is 15cm long, 8,7cm wide and 2cm high.
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