Star Wars

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Star Wars: A-Wing Starfighter - 75003

Battle the Imperial Fleet with the super-agile A-Wing Starfighter™!
€59.95 incl tax

Star Wars: B-Wing - 75050

Stage epic space battles with the iconic B-wing™!
€69.95 incl tax

Star Wars: B-wing Starfighter & Planet Endor - 75010

Pilot the heavily armed B-Wing Starfighter™ above planet Endor™!
€15.95 incl tax

Star Wars: Final Duel II - 7201

Final Duel with the Empire! This set dates from 2002 and is in it's original and sealed packaging.
€34.95 incl tax €33.95 incl tax

Star Wars: Geonosian Cannon - 9491

Gather your forces and disable the Geonosian Cannon!
€34.95 incl tax

Star Wars: Gungan Sub - 9499

Navigate the underwater world of Naboo with the Gungan Sub! This set dates from 2012.
€149.95 incl tax

Star Wars: Imperial V-Wing Starfighter - 7915

Battle the Rebel Alliance with the Imperial V-wing Starfighter!
€59.95 incl tax

Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi - 75109

Use the Force to battle the Separatists with posable Obi-Wan Kenobi™!
€24.95 incl tax

Star Wars: Republic Frigate - 7964

Take the Jedi Knights and clone heroes into battle with the Republic Frigate™!
€269.95 incl tax

Star Wars: Resistance X-Wing Fighter™ - 75125

Blast off on miniature X-Wing Fighter adventures!
€12.95 incl tax

Star Wars: Rey - 75113

Battle the First Order with buildable and posable Rey!
€19.95 incl tax

Star Wars: Scout Walker - 7250

The Clone Scout Walker is on the march! This set dates from 2005 and is sealed in it's original packaging.
€49.95 incl tax

Star Wars: TIE Advanced Prototype™ - 75128

Go on the hunt for microfighter rebels!
€11.95 incl tax

Star Wars: TIE Crawler - 7664

Rumble into battle!
€134.95 incl tax €124.95 incl tax